What was it like to have your ASS KICKED in a political Campaign. You know you were right on the issues but could not get the message out to the public. You start a Blog and a podcast with real political news and commentary.

I have been a Substitute in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for years and there are issues that were never discussed.  Teachers need smaller Classrooms and Teaching Assistants to help them in the classrooms.

The School Board has lost the TRUST of the Mecklenburg County Citizens and it makes it hard to get the the public to vote for School Bonds, especially when they continue to make Major Errors in bond funding.  The Funds Lost over the failed Security System over 1.5 Million Dollars with out any public debate has shown it is failing to be good fiduciary  Board with our tax dollars.

This School Board has not been supporting our TEACHERS they are so busy arguing among themselves they have forgotten why they are serving on the School Board it is for our Teachers and Children.  It is time to replace the entire School Board and replace it with people who understand the responsibility of providing appropriate funds for our schools and proper funding for Bond Requests.

My biggest disappointment of my campaign was l was not being able to get my message out to the public about our schools.  So each week I will Blog about schools we can do it on a Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 PM